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Merger by acquisition of Microcredit Foundation "Zene za zene International"

Banking Agency of the Federation of BiH (FBA) had issued on October 16, 2012, approval for the status change through merger by acquisition of Microcredit Foundation "Zene za zene International" Sarajevo by "LOK Microcredit Foundation" Sarajevo. With the FBA permit obtained, both MCF boards are to verify their final decisions next week based on which an application will be filed for the status change entry into the MCF Register with the Federation Ministry of Justice.
Consolidation at the level of the MFI, especially the middle size MFI, is necessary to stabilize the microcredit sector in order to achieve economies of scale, improved efficiency of the MFIs through significant cost savings and improved loans offer for the benefit of clients of microcredit beneficiaries.


Little fighters for the better future

LOK MCF’s management and employees have decided same as in the previous years, to donate the money intended for sending Eid greeting cards to those that are in need of any kind of help.

In the month of Ramadan LOK MCF employees visited the family Sljivo living in Sarajevo. The story of a single mother Mehira and her four children fighting for a safer future does not leave anyone indifferent. The family lives in a rented apartment after two stays in the safe house and survives from the occasional sale of homemade cakes and help from good people. Each new day is a new challenge for the twins Ajša and Ahmed (1), Ahdar (7), Adla (9) and their mom. They do the best they can to face all the life challenges and I can, but sometimes it’s not easy to fight alone... The new school year is already a big concern and the reason of many sleepless nights. How to bake enough cakes for one book and one notebook... And so many book need to be bought.

LOK MCF’s employees acted fast and in 2 days collected: money, food, clothes and toys that were given family Sljivo on 17th of August. Smiles on children's faces spoke 1000 words while tiny hand went through the bags, and Mehira’s eyes shone with happiness. At least in one day kids and mom felt they were not alone and that there are always people with good heart who would do anything for the children smile.


Banja Luka at the new address

 From 12th May our clients in the area of Banja Luka can visit us in the new business premises at the address - Jovana Ducica 2. Better location will enable us definitely to be more accessible to those who have a need for additional funds.


New location in Sarajevo

Since beginning of the May, MCF LOK office in the municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo is located at the new and excellent location at the address - Dr Fetaha Bećirbegovića 19a. The new, larger and more attractive business premises will allow us to be even faster, even simpler and more accessible to our clients.


Visit to the six billionth inhabitant of planet Earth

Twelve years ago Adnan Mevic was born as the six billionth inhabitant of planet Earth a very special and unique person.  Adnan's godfather  was Kofi Annan, who visited him at Mević home twelve years ago. Since then many things have changed.

Today Adnan is in seventh grade of elementary school Safet Beg Bašagić in Visoko. In no way is he different from others, although his name is recorded in school books. It is an excellent and exemplary student who is happy with what he has although he could have more. Mević family lives with little financials of which a large part goes to the medications of Adnan’s very ill father.

We were at home of family Mević on Friday, 02.12. and we welcomed Adnan on his way back from the school. We gave him a scholarship for the school year that will help him be a better student. It was nice to see even for a while a smile on Adnan’s face because he is very much troubled by his father's illness and situation in which his family is.

"Every child deserves to be happy and to have the basic necessities of life. Adnan is very special by being the six billionth inhabitant of planet Earth, but is also very humble, a good boy who does not ask for much in life. From now Adnan will have MCF LOK’s scholarship and we are pleased that we will help him in the way of growing up in a great man of good heart. "

Ms. Almedina Čaušević-Esko, IDLJR

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