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Visit to the six billionth inhabitant of planet Earth

Twelve years ago Adnan Mevic was born as the six billionth inhabitant of planet Earth a very special and unique person.  Adnan's godfather  was Kofi Annan, who visited him at Mević home twelve years ago. Since then many things have changed.

Today Adnan is in seventh grade of elementary school Safet Beg Bašagić in Visoko. In no way is he different from others, although his name is recorded in school books. It is an excellent and exemplary student who is happy with what he has although he could have more. Mević family lives with little financials of which a large part goes to the medications of Adnan’s very ill father.

We were at home of family Mević on Friday, 02.12. and we welcomed Adnan on his way back from the school. We gave him a scholarship for the school year that will help him be a better student. It was nice to see even for a while a smile on Adnan’s face because he is very much troubled by his father's illness and situation in which his family is.

"Every child deserves to be happy and to have the basic necessities of life. Adnan is very special by being the six billionth inhabitant of planet Earth, but is also very humble, a good boy who does not ask for much in life. From now Adnan will have MCF LOK’s scholarship and we are pleased that we will help him in the way of growing up in a great man of good heart. "

Ms. Almedina Čaušević-Esko, IDLJR


Packages with food for the families in need

 On the occasion of Eid, Management and employees of MCF LOK have on Tuesday, 08.11.2011. visited Collective Centre in Hrasnica which is a temporary home for 53 people or 25 families.

The Centre in Hrasnica is a home for refugees mostly from eastern Bosnia, which have during the war lost everything they had and where the roof of the collective center is the only roof over their heads. They live in one room and the conditions in which these families live is below each level. They are left to find food the way they know and can do.

As a socially responsible organization where humanists with great heart work, management and employees of MCF LOK have decided that the money intended for sending Eid cards should be donated to the families who are living in Collective center. For this purpose were purchased packages with basic groceries and personally handed to those who are in need of any help.

"These food packages will help 25 families from the collective center not  to feel lonely there are always helping hands around. We are happy that the people who work at MCF LOK are always there to help where and when help is needed. This is one of many activities that we do as a collective and certainly we will continue to help, "said on this occasion Mrs. Almedina Čaušević Esko, executive director of MCF LOK.


Plantings of raspberries

Caritas Switzerland and MCF LOK in 2011 have implemented the spring planting of raspberries in Cantons Srednjebosanski and Bosanskopodrinjski.
The project of spring planting covered 160 dunums of the land. The farmers were given loans with very favorable interest rate with two years of grace period. Loans included seedlings, irrigation system, wire, fertilizer, crop protection chemicals, sprayers, soil analysis and technical assistance on agriculture since the beginning of planting until harvest. It is important to note that the purchase of raspberries is organized and a market is secured in advance.
It is planned that autumn planting, which begins in November 2011 will cover additional 120 dunums of the land.

"The most important segment of this project is the possibility of creating a large number of job positions and compelling interest that prevails among the farmers.
In this manner we continued a long and very successful collaboration with Caritas, " - MCF LOK.


MCF LOK's helping hand

MCF LOK, as a socially responsible organization with its employees being the great humanists, not for one moment forgets those who need help. Therefore, management and employees of MCF LOK have decided that the money intended for sending Eid greetings will be donated to family Kovacevic. Cash was given to the family on 27.08.2011. as part of the project "Humana TV".

 Touching story of Refik Kovacevic's family, who live in the village near Bihac in wooden hut, with bad living conditions, leaves no one indifferent. The hut, which looks more like a shack is home of Refik and Himzeta and their children: Izet, Ismet, Elma, Irma, Refik, Senad, Bajram, Ermina. Two daughters are suffering from epilepsy, one of them is a child with special needs.
Himzeta goes each day on the trip longer of 12 kilometers to the kitchen of Merhamet "Imaret" in Bihac to get free lunch ... Poverty, insecurity, sadness .. are regular guests of the family.


"Open door day" at LOK MCF's field office Ljubuški

Field office Ljubuški from the month of May is located at the new and more attractive location. Because of that an "Open door day" is organized  for the current and potential clients of LOK MCF in the municipality Ljubuški.
In a pleasant atmosphere and in a conversation with LOK MCF's employees from Ljubuški and Mostar everyone had the opportunity to get all information about LOK's loan products and services. Special attention was devoted to the presentation of a loan for housing conditions improvement that LOK implemented in the cooperation with Habitat for Humanity.

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